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How to install / configure JVM

Install/reinstall/upgrade JVM
First of all, make sure that you have the latest JVM from Microsoft installed for upgrade.

Problems can often be solved by reinstalling JVM first.

Microsoft recently removed the program from their website, so dtal found sources that provide it :(check below)

Download Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Version 5.0.3805. ( MSJAVX86.EXE )

The size is 5.06 MB. Once downloaded, run the file and follow the installation guide.

After completed installation, reboot your computer

For antileech users:
De-activate Sun's Java Plugin

If you previously installed Sun's Java Plugin you probably have to de-activate it to get Anti-Leech working.
Follow the below steps:

1. In Internet Explorer menu, go to Tools
2. Chose Internet Options
3. Go to Advanced
4. Scroll down to "Java Sun"
5. Unmark "Java Sun"
6. Close your browser windows and open them back up
7. Try Anti-Leech again

If you still experience problems, that's bad !!.

Download Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Version 5.0.3805.

MSJAVX86.EXE @ netpumper.com

Or here:



Or here:



After that Check this !!! Havn,t done it jet but ...

let me know if you have . THNX dtal.nl

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Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Version 5.0.3805 fixes

Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Version 5.0.3805 debug

Debug Classes for the Microsoft Virtual Machine
Debug Class Downloads for Build 3805 (x86)

This page contains releases of the debug classes for the Microsoft® virtual machine (Microsoft VM).
The Microsoft VM provides a rich class library of both Java standard classes and Microsoft® Win32® class extensions.
The debug classes are of interest to developers only. Download CLASSD.EXE, a self-extracting executable,
Debug Classes (CLASSD.EXE) 2.2 MB
and run it to install the debug classes and sources on your computer.
Note Installation of these debug classes will degrade the performance of Java on your machine due to the extended
symbol information. To de-install the debug classes, return to this Web page and download and install
the retail classes (CLASSR.EXE).
Retail Classes (CLASSR.EXE) 1.6 MB
To ensure that users have these latest class libraries, you may redistribute the file CLASSR.EXE,
which checks the version of the class libraries and updates them as needed.
Important Please be certain that you download the correct classes for the version of
the Microsoft VM that you are running. Downloading the incorrect version will result in errors
due to incompatible classes.

Working problems

Most likely you have set the security level too high in your browser. Try the following steps:

1. Go to Extra > Internet Options in the top Menu.
2. Chose security
3. Press the "Custom" button
4. Make sure "Download signed Active-X controlls" is set to prompt.
5. Make sure "Run Active-X controlls and plug-ins" is set to enable.

Then it should hopefully load in the future. Make sure to close your browser and open

it up again after any changes. If it doesn't work, upgrade JVM.

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